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Welcome to SasfoMedia Studios in Munich.

Your recording studio for voice recordings, vocal recordings, music production & mastering and much more.


SasfoMedia not only stands for the sustainable development of artists and bands, but also for the strong support of amateur musicians.  Musicians who want to record something for the first time. We also create audiobooks, radio advert and much more. 


Rear View of a Businessman


It all starts with a song. A great song is the most important part of the recording process.

Sasfo Media helps you to write, record or compose a song for

YOUR PROJECT. YOUR PROJECT should reflect YOU, so we will work closely together on songwriting to get to know your personality better.

The written song should finally suit you and only comes across


Playing Piano


Sasfo Media is able to bring your vision to life musically and logistically. It is of utmost importance to lead a team of musicians to

achieve the best performances.With high-quality equipment and a well-equipped studio in the middle of Munich, we support you with the creation of beats and instrumentals.

Sasfo Media brings in-depth knowledge in a variety of instruments.

Sound Mixing


When mixing, the recorded sounds are refined and merged into something great.

We at Sasfo Media not only have a good ear, but also years of experience and technology to deliver a finished product that will shine in the market.



Mastering is the final step in refining your song into a globally competitive sound. It requires a trained, objective ear in a particularly well-treated room.

Sasfo Media works directly with industry-leading mastering engineers.

Music Class


If you want to learn production, composition, recording, mixing, drums, guitar or piano, Sasfo Media offers private lessons tailored to your needs and progress.

Available personally directly in the studio.

Globalization concept


For advertising purposes, Sasfo Media offers radio advertising,commissioned productions, queues and audiologos.

Here is the exact offer:

- Production of radio or commercials or jingles

- Production of advertising music and takeover of sound design for advertising

- Production of sound logos with high professionalism

Spotlight on a Rapper


Sasfo Media offers a broad network in the music video world.

The following options are provided directly by Sasfo Media:

- camera

- Editing

- Makeup & Styling

- Location Search

Vintage Mic


With our range of professional equipments, recording voices for your project at a reasonable cost is a walk in the park.

To make the best for your production, we can make provision for music, extra vocal recordings, background effects, and top sound designs.

Radio Show


We always work with professional voice actors – if requested, we have access to professional actors who are always available to put in their best towards your production.

We can also work with your spot’s finished layout, or draft concept of the advertisement. 

Editing & Post Production


Our state-of-the-art recording system delivers top industry quality results. Existing recordings can also be changed and edited to meet your needs. 

We also have services for overdubs e.g. CD, DVD, USB-Stick, Blu-Ray,MD e.t.c.

Let’s get it stated.

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